How do i get started with #PBL?

October 26, 2012

Recently a number of colleagues have asked me “I’ve done all the research, but how do i get started with PBL?”

My answer has been to simply do it.

Start small, become emboldened and then go for broke.

Here is a summary of the steps i take to build a PBL unit.

  1. Read through the syllabus outcomes (content and skills) that will form a context or springboard for learning
  2. Think about some real world connections to the syllabus or beyond the syllabus
  3. Using the syllabus and real world connections as a filter to think about what students could do/write/create/build and how they will do it.
  4. Write instructions on how to complete the project/problem/challenge
  5. Do the project/problem/challenge yourself (and then go back and rewrite the instructions)
  6. Work backwards through the time available and identify a range of activities that build the required skills and knowledge.
  7. The best way to build the unit is iteratively. Look at the big picture, then in increasingly smaller chunks.
  8. Think about an introduction to the PBL – anything is valid from a short presentation to a guest speaker.

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